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Windscribe VPN Free Trial

Windscribe VPN Free Trial

Windscribe Windows app offers features that no other VPN does, and you can use them completely free, even with your own VPN servers or other VPN providers!

Connect on any network, regardless of your location.

Windscribe offers 6 different protocols to choose from, along with over 20 different connection ports. 

Eliminate the chance of any kind of leak.

Windscribe firewall, sometimes incorrectly called a “kill switch” utilizes native OS APIs to block all connectivity outside of the tunnel.

If your tunnel drops for any reason, the chance of leaks is completely eliminated. This is superior to a reactive “kill switch”, which cannot guarantee that your IP will not leak.

Tunnel what you want, how you want.

There are cases when you don’t wish to tunnel all your traffic through a VPN. Windscribe offers 2 split tunneling types, and 2 modes for each one.

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