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5G Home Broadband by Three is a new truly wireless Home Broadband replacement service with no waiting, no landline and no engineer, just plug in and get online.

What is 5G Home Broadband?

5G Home Broadband gives you faster speeds for heavier streaming. It also means you get less lag for your gaming and increased capacity for multiple users. It’s perfect for busy homes with lots of screen time going on. Discover 5G with us.

Can 5G replace my current Home Broadband?

Yes. When you get a 5G Hub, you just plug it in for incredible speeds that give traditional fibre and cable providers a run for their money. There are no appointments, no engineers, and no cables. The whole house can enjoy more of everything, all at the same time.

Can I get Unlimited data on a Home Broadband deal?

Yes – as much data as you’ll ever need with a 4G Hub or 5G Hub. And you don’t need a landline or fibre optic cable to get connected, because our wireless broadband uses our network signal.

Does Three Home Broadband need to be installed?

No, there’s no installation when you choose a Home Broadband deal for your home. You only have to plug your wireless broadband hub in and follow the instructions in our user guide. Speeds can vary depending on where you use your hub, but our user guide will help you get the best speeds in any location. We also offer next working day delivery too, so you can get connected as soon as possible.

Can I get Home Broadband without a landline?

Yes, you don’t need a phone line or cable to get our 4G or 5G broadband. And there’s no line rental to pay.

** You’ll need to enter your postcode to check 5G availability. If 5G is not available or the speeds are lower than 5G, you’ll be offered a 4G Unlimited Deal for the same price.

Some of our Speed Tests using the Three 5G Home Broadband Hub